Ruhiger Winter…

“Ruhiger Winter”…”invierno tranquilo”, “quiet winter”…

We are in the last days of our educational life: thesis, last homeworks… aside of other activities such as working or do normal stuff.

We hope to have more time in some weeks and dedicate part of it to our lovely blog Crumbs of Time!

Take care crumbers!!!


PS. The title picture is from the Bavarian forest last week! 🙂



Summer in Regensburg!

Qué bien estar de vuelta por aquí, Regensburg en verano es increíble! La ciudad y alrededores (algunas de las fotos son en Kallmünz) se llenan de vida y la gente sale a disfrutar y aprovechar cada rayo de sol.


How good I feel being back, Regensburg in summer It is incredible! The city and the surroundings (some of the pictures had been taken in Kallmünz) are full of life again and the people go out to enjoy every ray of sun. Seguir leyendo